Description Of Services

Code Compliance

Building and zoning requirements/restrictions can influence the ability to fit the building program on a particular site. Genesis will research the applicable zoning ordinance of a considered site to verify allowable uses and determine parking requirements, maximum allowable building coverage, total allowable gross building area and maximum allowable building height. Genesis and its consultants will also review the building code requirements for the selected jurisdiction to determine:

  1. 1. Occupancy, construction and egress requirements
  2. 2. Barrier free requirements
  3. 3. Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection requirements
  4. 4. Environmental restrictions

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the establishment of the general scope, scale and relationships among the elements of the building.  The major objective of this phase is to determine a clearly defined, feasible concept that meets with the client’s needs.  During this phase Genesis will prepare schematic design drawings, including Site Plans, Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations, to clarify the program requirements and explore alternate design solutions.

Design Development

Based on the approved Schematic Design documents, Genesis will develop Design Development documents to further define the scope, special relationships, forms, size and appearance of the project by means of plans, sections, elevations and typical construction details. Genesis will also provide outline specifications to identify major materials and systems and establish general quality levels.

Construction Documents

Following the approval of the Design Development documents, Genesis will provide construction documents that will set forth, in detail, the requirements for construction of the project. These documents will include drawings and specifications that establish, in detail, the quality levels of materials and systems required for the project.

Permit Phase

Once the construction documents are complete Genesis can meet with local authorities having jurisdiction over the project and assist you in the preparation of the proper forms and documents that will be necessary to submit to the City or Village in order to obtain a building permit. Following their initial review, Genesis will work with you to address any comments the City or Village may have.

Bid Phase

During this phase of the project Genesis will prepare responses to questions from prospective bidders and provide clarifications and interpretations of the construction documents to all prospective bidders. Also, if requested by the client, Genesis will arrange for the reproduction and distribution of the construction documents to the prospective bidders.

Construction Administration

During the construction phase of the project Genesis will act as your representative and advise and consult with you regarding the progress of the construction. Genesis will visit the jobsite at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction in order to observe the progress and quality of the work completed by the contractor, to become generally familiar with the work in progress and to determine, in general, if the work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents.


Programming will define the quantity and quality of the spaces confined within the building. Genesis will meet with you to gather current and future requirements for space planning needs, adjacency requirements, occupant loads, utility requirements, HVAC design parameter, electrical requirements, computer/telephone room needs and room finishes.

Site Location

Site location is extremely important and directly relates to the success or failure of the architecture built on it. Is it true that "If you build it, they will come"? Is the site near an available labor source? Is there close proximity to transportation, restaurants, shops or parks? Is the site for a distribution facility near a major junction of transportation? Is there an existing infrastructure of utilities? Are the soils capable of supporting the building loads? These are all questions that may be relevant and need to be answered to determine if a site is acceptable.

Space Planning

Once the programming phase is completed, Genesis will use the resultant information, including the total number of people to be accommodated, the various department inter-relationships and the functions for which space is required, and develop a layout that best suits your needs, including placement of furniture and equipment.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA was signed into law on July 26, 1990 and became effective over a series of dates. The purpose of the act is to prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability by public accommodations and requires places of public accommodation and commercial facilities to be designed, constructed and altered in compliance with the accessibility standards.

It is not just people with disabilities that use accessible facilities. It is also a benefit to people carrying packages, people delivering heavy items, people pushing strollers and people with temporary disabilities. Although the interpretation of the ADA Guidelines is legal, and not a design issue, Genesis will make every attempt to comply with the ADA as it relates to your project.

Facilities Planning and Management

If your in-house capabilities are being taxed for facilities planning, space planning or interior design, or if it is not economical to maintain these services internally, Genesis can act as an extension of your Facilities Planning department.

Tenant Development/Improvements

Working with the developer, leasing agent and the building staff, Genesis will develop a planned approach to the interior architecture. Genesis does this by assisting in the marketing of space by programming and creating space plan layouts for a potential client's relocation into the building. Once a lease is signed and a space plan layout is approved, Genesis will provide a smooth transition to the subsequent tenant improvement construction drawings.

Relocation Management

Genesis can assist you with all aspects of planning, coordinating and managing a physical relocation. This encompasses all aspects of move services including issuing RFP's to qualified moving companies, preparing coded furniture and equipment plans, scheduling move-plan strategy meetings and conducting a post move-in walk-through and evaluation.

Pre-Leasing Services

Save time, money and energy by letting a prospective buyer or tenant view the plan of a property without the need of a visit to the site. Genesis provides building owners and real estate agents with floor plans for their marketing use in the sale or lease of a property. Genesis will prepare a drawing of the property floor plan and provide it to the building owner or real estate agent to include in brochures, post on their website, or however else they decide to use the information.