“Mark has been a valued consultant on numerous occasions when we used him to evaluate the structural integrity of facilities scheduled to receive our equipment. I have worked with Mark to do more than 20 site surveys and each was accomplished on time, correctly, and professionally. Mark has also been the 'go-to' person when unplanned events crop up during equipment installation and we discover a structural issue. He is able to make innovative recommendations for correcting the issue on the fly. I trust Mark's professionalism.”
–Don Shannon, Deputy Program Manager at ABB

“I've had the opportunity to work with Mark on several projects; some of which presented some unique challenges. Mark routinely delivers high quality work, on schedule, and within budget. I find that Mark is easy to work with and presents himself in a professional manner with a high degree of integrity. I highly recommend Mark's work and look forward to working with him on future projects.”
–David Hurst. Manager of Mechanical Engineer at Valdes Engineering

“Mark was instrumental on several retro-fit projects where we had to be very creative in meeting code requirements in older facilities that were not originally designed for the "new" application. I was always happy with the product/service that Mark provided.”
–Martin Meyer, Director of Manufacturing at Hospira

“Mark designed a beautiful addition to my house. It is a work of Art. I highly endorse Mark's work as a architect. He does extremely good work.”
-Joseph Mulvey, Homeowner

“Mark showed great versatility on the projects he managed at Raymond. Mark easily moved between the technically challenging clean rooms for HP and the time driven store modifications for Walgreen's. Raymond was fortunate to have obtained several repeat projects with both clients. Much of the success was due to Mark's ability to complete projects on time and under the clients budget.”
-Ty Morse, Construction Manager at Pfizer Asia Pacific

“We worked with Genesis Architecture on an extensive remodeling of our home with the primary goal of making it more accessible for my husband, who has mobility issues.   Mark  listened to all of our ideas, implemented the best ones and added some of his own. Mark really got what we were trying to do.  We’ve been delighted with the results.  Mark implemented our goals, worked well with our contractor, kept us continuously updated and came up with solutions for the inevitable, unforeseen issues that arise in a project such as ours.  I highly recommend Mark Siegel and Genesis Architecture to be your architect.” 
–Carol Gottlieb, Homeowner

“Mark is very detailed in gathering floor and overhead spacing requirements for the installation of our gantry robots in the USPS. He has been a very large asset to the group and has verified the stability of our floors to handle the installation of the robots. I have worked with Mark over the past 13 years and he has always given us the performance we expect.
-Joyce Guthrie, Engineer and Program Manager at United States Postal Service

“At American Hospital Supply / Baxter Healthcare Howard and I worked together in recasting the distribution network in North America. Howard's skills and professionalism as an architect were and are today above reproach.  I am now in an Executive Managing Director role with another firm and would trust Howard with any assignment in which I am involved. I have known Howard for over 20 years and trust him explicitly.”
-Mike Cissell, Executive Managing Director at JONES LANG LASALLE

“I enjoyed working with Howard during Continental Bank's Real Estate outsourcing initiative and as part of the Bank's HQ renovation program. Continental was one of the early, full-scale RE outsourcing engagements. With a 1M SF HQ renovation program running concurrent with roll-out of the outsourced service delivery model, the Bank provided a unique challenge to blend strong leadership skills with tactical capabilities for everyone involved. “
Howard was the senior on-site provider for interior architectural services. He quickly recognized that traditional project-based methods for scoping work, delivering services and measuring success were not going to meet the needs of a new business relationship being built ground-up on the concept of long-term stewardship. Howard was equally quick to recognize the need to ensure consistency of services across providers, over extended periods of time, regardless of one's own organizational identity.
Combining his thorough understanding of the Corporate RE industry with strong team-building skills and a sincere desire to meet his customer's evolving needs, Howard lead both his team and his own project work to multiple successes. Equally important, he represented his own company's interests well, effectively balancing the urgency of "go do" with the need to consider "what if". Howard's engaging and humorous style was a welcome offset to the dynamics of the assignment.”
-Keith Tabacek, SVP Director of Real Estate Strategy & Planning at UNION BANK

“Howard is a consummate professional with an incredible knowledge of corporate interiors from both the client and service provider perspective. He has exemplary client relationship skills and never stops striving for excellence in his own work and in the companies he works for. He would be an incredible asset for any organization.”
-Suzanne Leblanc, East Coast Real Estate Manager at NOKIA

“It has been my singular pleasure to work with Howard Baskin as both my associate and as a customer over the course of several years.  We worked together at Herman Miller in the Global Customer Solutions Division and later Howard was instrumental in providing architectural services to the Auto Club Group while he was with the Nelson Company.
At Herman Miller, Howard’s knowledge of buildings and their dynamics significantly assisted in the delivery of superior facility services to our customers.  His unique ability to understand user requirements and lead a team in developing an effective action plan that delivered services on time and within the prescribed budget was outstanding.  Howard’s listening and communication skills were in no small way essential to our success.
While I was Director of Real Estate Services at The Auto Club Group, Howard's endeavors enabled outstanding design solutions to two offices that in their previous conditions were non-functional.  Today, these offices provide customer service in outstanding environments.
Howard’s dedication, commitment to excellence, ability to adapt to changing environments and leadership make him and excellent fit for management and executive positions.  It is my firm conclusion that Howard Baskin would be a highly beneficial asset to any organization delivering real estate and architectural related services.”
-Gregory J. Demanski, Retired Director of Real Estate Services at THE AUTO CLUB GROUP

“Howard is a very creative out of the box thinker with superb project management skills. He is energetic and organized and works extremely well under stressful situations.”
-Patricia Crumley, Director, of Real Estate at MILLERCOORS

“Howard worked with me at American Hospital Supply, and I also had the opportunity to see work samples of his at two additional firms. He takes a very thorough and pragmatic approach to his assignments, and does a superb job of understanding business issues and developing space and design objectives that help to resolve those issues.”
-James Taylor, Retired VP- Corporate Real Estate at The Northern Trust Company

“Howard’s outstanding strength is his passion for client satisfaction. He demonstrated excellent project management skills when he led the development of a major Canadian facility that was completed on time and under budget. He thrives on resolving problems and finding ‘win/win’ solutions. A great leader for the team!”
-Jeff Courtney, Account Manager at Baxter Corporation

"Howard's diverse background enables him to view a client's situation and needs from a variety of business perspectives, allowing him to recommend the most appropriate course of action for all parties involved. His professional manner is ethical, competent and caring."
-Gary Miciunas, Principal at NELSON